Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3904

Unit 2 Health Benefits


Unit 2 members who are not covered by health benefits through either OPSEU, MAC or Unit 1 Health Benefits (either Part Time Basic Medical and Dental Benefits or Reduced and Full Sessional Health Benefits) eligible for the Unit 2 Part Time Basic Drug Plan.

Beginning January 1, 2023, Unit 2 members will automatically be enrolled in a university administered Unit 2 Basic Drug Plan.  The Basic Drug Plan allows for only generic drugs to be covered with up to a maximum of $9.00 dispensing fee.  Drug Cards will be issued to all eligible Unit 2 members and the 90 percent reimbursement requires the use of the Drug Card.  The Basic Drug Plan consists of 90 percent reimbursement of up to a maximum of $350 per person annually based on a calendar year maximum.  Spouses and dependents of those eligible Unit 2 members will also receive a maximum of $350 drug reimbursement each.

Please note:  Eligibility is based on having a minimum of three Unit 2 seniority points and must hold an active Unit 2 employment contract in order to have coverage.  Coverage is only allowable during the dates of the Unit 2 employment contract.  All Unit 2 members who are covered by any other health benefits from another entity at Toronto Metropolitan University (i.e., MAC, RFA, OPSEU, Unit 1) are ineligible for the Unit 2 drug plan.